We are pharmacists, we know what drives you and why quality is important. Our pharmacy wholesaler offers you all the products your customers need. You can concentrate on taking care of your customers and we are happy to take care of the logistics side of it.

Easy to order

Working with us as a wholesaler for pharmacies offers many advantages for both you and your customers. Our large range has a stock of more than 100,000 products, which are easy to order.

Delivery is always fast, professional and at a competitive price.


You can contact Orange Pharma for:

  • Medicines
  • Medical aids
  • Pharmacy Preparations
  • Pharmacy supplies

As you can see, we provide the full range of everything you need to serve your customers.

Providing care together

We guarantee:

  • Competitive prices
  • Short delivery times
  • A high-quality offer
  • Simple and transparent follow-up of your orders

Please contact us, we would love to work together and provide care together with you. Service to your customers is our priority and our team works on that day after day.

High service level