History Orange Pharma

Orange Pharma was founded in 2008 by 4 pharmacists with the aim of setting up a so-called backpack wholesaler in medicines and medical devices. Not much later, the wholesaler set its sights on the Caribbean region and Suriname, and successfully offered pharmacies an alternative to the established parties. Aided in this by a strategic collaboration with the Mosadex group in the field of assortment, ICT and stock.

Market leader in the Caribbean region

In 2012 were the first orders delivered to the first customer, the Taams Clinic in Curacao. Not much later, the Pharmacies (Botica's) followed and there was a quick and successful start. In the following years, after Curaçao, the other islands were approached and connected. Then followed quickly by Bonaire, Aruba, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten and Suriname. Orange Pharma thus became the market leader in the Caribbean region in one fell swoop and continued to develop because of this new responsibility.

In addition to pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers were also supplied overseas from 2016. The core relationship with pharmacists is important here, so that the interests in healthcare are safeguarded. Over the years, it won various tenders, which were always done in joint consultation with the current pharmacists on the islands. Orange Pharma grew further and further.

Full-service partner

In 2018, Orange Pharma moved to larger premises in Deventer. In 2020, the following steps were taken to further facilitate growth:

  • addition of extra warehouses directly adjacent to the existing building;
  • acquisition of a local independent wholesaler Pharmastore on Sint-Maarten;
  • Orange Pharma has been appointed core supplier for all pharmacies on St. Maarten through a tender procedure by the SZV (health insurer on St Maarten);
  • the local wholesale function under the name Pharmastore was also developed in Curaçao after Sint Maarten,
  • both to provide adequate support to local pharmacists;
  • expansion of the service team through a business unit Medical consumables.

Orange Pharma has quickly grown into a full-service partner for its relations and, moreover, a serious discussion partner at all levels; such as government, health insurers, wholesalers and pharmacists (in the overseas territories). We are, personally, very proud of that!

High service level