Welcome to Orange Pharma, an innovative young Dutch wholesaler. We have created a new way of communicating with our customers and facilitating doing business quick and easy. Welcome to the new world! 

A team of very experienced pharmacists and sales representatives, combined with a state of the art backoffice, are here to make you grow. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be honoured to provide you with access to our purchasing website, and welcome you to do business.

Orange Pharma was founded a couple of years ago by four young pharmacists with a vision. The Dutch wholesale business lacked innovation and customer integration. This inspired them to start all over again. A clean sheet of paper in the middle of the table was their starting point. And now, as you can see, they have succeeded to make a change. Quotations direct and online, an easy ordering tool, easy data on historic orders and prices. Saving you time to do what you do best. Wholesaling! 


Export personalized!


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