Orange Pharma takes important step with Pharmastore

entered: 14-01-2021

Orange Pharma has been working hard behind the scenes in the recent months to establish a new Caribbean house label, Pharmastore.

Two existing pharmaceutical wholesalers on both Curacao and Sint Maarten will continue under the name PHARMASTORE.

All this for and by pharmacists, but above all; just personal!

Both wholesalers are fully equipped with the tools and know-how of Orange Pharma, whereby they are in direct contact with the warehouses / stocks, order desk & management of Orange Pharma through their own portal, led by Paula Gitsels, operation manager.


We realize a wholesale location: Pharmastore. This will be a wholesaler with items registered on the island. In addition, you can of course continue to order your 'out of stock' articles from Orange Pharma, as usual. We will continue to deliver these directly to you.

All pharmacists benefit from a fully-fledged local pharmaceutical wholesaler with full back-up and integration from the Netherlands by Orange Pharma, in close collaboration with the Mosadex group.


Pharmastore wholesaler establishes itself in Curaçao. This way we are even closer to all pharmacists.

The pharmaceutical wholesaler Cureximpo will continue under the flag of Pharmastore Curaçao.

The current manager, Nadine de Haseth, has been asked to further develop Pharmastore Curaçao into a full-fledged pharmaceutical wholesaler for the supply of locally registered medicines.

Pharmastore also wants to focus explicitly on the registration of generic products where only specialties are currently used. With this Pharmastore wants to contribute to savings in the sector. We are currently building stocks.

Pharmastore Curacao 

Santa Rosaweg 62 Unit 15, Curacao 

Nadine de Haseth
M: +59995108360

Adam Kok & Dirk-Jan Seckel
M: +31617144875
M: +31622679975

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